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Monday, April 30, 2007


So this weekend was really really nice... if you like sitting around and getting a tan.. It was really REALLY hot on the front range and i'm pretty sure nothing over V10 got sent this weekend. I rested on saturday because of my split tip from Suspension. Sunday rolled around and it was yet again hot as crap. I decided to head up to Clear Creek for the day and see what would be climbable.

We went to this boulder that Nick had done over the winter and I had neither seen or tried before, Animal V10. The boulder pretty much is the worst ever. If it was not a dabfest it would have been really cool but none the less the crux is keeping your kneesoff the pad at the end. Nick repeated it in a few tries and I nearly flashed but dabbed topping out (what a suprise!) but sent a few tries later.

Today was a session a good session at Cats. I felt like I really did not climb too much over the weekend so it was good to train at Cats today.

I cannot keep Suspension out of my mind! My tip is healing really well right now and I'm really hoping Weds lends itself to being an amazing day fro climbing. I am heading out there with Daniel and Keith Ladzinski to shoot photos, so that should be good motivation to send... Cold weather, wind, and no humidity make your way upon Eldorado Canyon for Weds!

Here is a picture I took of my good friend Andy on this really great warmup in Eldo from last weeks session out there!

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