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Monday, August 31, 2009

busy is an understatement

the past week or so has been quite busy with my upcoming art show this Friday at the Prana Store in Boulder, CO. I have been getting some final paintings completed to show at the gallery opening on the fourth.

Besides that I got up to the park this weekend for a day on my birthday and was able to send blood money in a few goes. i had tried the line a year before as night was setting in and only got a few good burns before it got completely dark up there. but with the good late august conditions this year and lots of nice sunlight, i managed the send and was psyched to be done one more boulder i had never completed before in the park. There are only a few left and i hope to finish them off before the snow comes.

Only 4 more weeks until i return to squamish in hopes of sending dreamcatcher!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I am now back in Boulder and have begun the training necessary for my return to Squamish this Fall as well as the many climbs in Colorado that I would like to finish this Fall Semester. Alex and I both bought memberships and have quickly fallen in love. The gym is spectacular and it is just the right place to train really really hard! I have been working my endurance a lot and feel that each passing day i am getting a bit stronger. I still will continue to keep faithful to training at CATS as well since everyone knows this place will get anyone in the best bouldering shape of their life if they put their hours in.

I would like to give huge props to Mike Moelter and Anne-Worley Moelter for putting together one of the best climbing gyms in the country if not the world. It is an amazing facility and well worth checking out if you make your way through Boulder anytime.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

heading home

I am leaving squamish empty handed this time. I did manage the ascent of a few nice boulders however was unable to nab the second ascent of dreamcatcher due to the extreme heat that as the locals say, "has not been this bad since 1880." Spirits are high though as alex and i make our trek back to Boulder. I will be back in October with lots of endurance and lots of psyche in hopes of coming back and sending! It is going to be a short trip because of school but i am already so excited to return to the magical forest. I am in love with the climb and know i will think about it everyday until i return!

I start school on the 24th and have an art show on the 3rd which i have a great deal of work to prepare for. But most importantly i have projects in colorado to get back for and lots of training to be done! I am psyched and hopefully will be able to finish up some old lines and open some new ones this upcoming Fall!