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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

the recent

Training is going super well which i am very pleased with. The extent of my training is as follows on a daily basis:

Wake up at like 8:20 or so, head downstairs and do the first part of my training exercise (55 pushups, 15 ab rollers, 100 crunches, and 25 pull ups). Then I eat breakfast, Cocoa puff preferably. Head to school, do the school thing for a few hours and come home. If its a nice day outside and I don't have too much work to get done ill head outside to climb but if not its to training central, CATS! Lately i have been starting my work outs with a good session of bouldering followed by an intense power endurance work out. This climb "Hudz" is kicking my butt! its like 45 or so moves long and probably around 5.14 with jibs and tracking for feet. I hope to send soon. While doing my endurance work outs if someone is climbing on a cool new boulder prob i will be likely to try that and then get back to the "Hudz" epic. There is this other climb at CATS as well that is awesome and perfect for training too. It is about 30 moves of straight micro crimps! So hard my guess is probably v14 to link the entire thing together. My best effort was when i did approximately 28 moves in a row. After my workout I do exactly what I do in the morning (55 pushups, 15 ab rollers, 100 crunches, and 25 pull ups) and then head home extremely tired.

I feel a lot stronger in the week or so i have been doing this and i cant wait to continue to feel stronger the more i keep training!

This past weekend i headed up to the park for the first time of the season to climb on the veritas boulder! I managed to climb dave's low left veritas which is super pumpy and an alright addition to the boulder. Though that is not what i went up there for. This project to the left of veritas is sooooo sick! I did it from a stand start and it feels really hard. I cant wait to go back and try to link all the bottom moves in, its definitely going to be a sick new test piece for the park when it gets completed!

And last but not least, i ordered some pizza the other night and who would have guessed who would have wrung the door bell to deliver my pizza.... OLSON! what a beast!

As it is kinda hard to tell from the picture, Olson works for a pizza restaurant called double d's. I mentioned to him that he should hire a girl like this to deliver the pizza and he might get better tips.

Monday, April 21, 2008

dear fellow readers of my blog,

as was my hopeful desire to send rasta man sit start this weekend, I am unfortunately reporting back with a lack of success. I could easily make excuses for why i did not send (85 degree highs, being very jetlagged from 6 flights in the course of 8 days), but no i have decided that rather than making excuses i am going to work even harder to become a better climber for my upcoming trips! Starting today I have decided i am going to up my training by a ton to become the best boulderer i can possibly be. I hope that by the time south africa comes in less than two months from now i will feel fully prepared and ready to destroy anything that the Rocklands has to offer!

A picture i found on google of Amandla, SOOO RAD LOOKING!

Other than not sending i had an awesome weekend none the less! Amazing rock and great friends to climb with. Did some classics i had done before along with a few new lines that made the trip that much more memorable.

Im back in Colorado now and loving the nice sunny weather. Im hoping for a cool day to go and try suspension so hopefully some news on that soon! Other than that i have exactly 2.5 weeks left of school until my 8 month climbing road trip!!!!!!! cant wait! This blog will be the place to get all the info on my upcoming travels so stay posted!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rumney and the east coast

I am now back in Colorado until Thursday to get some school work done, attend class, and hand in a few papers. Then it is off to Bishop Thursday afternoon! So psyched for Rasta Man Sit, hopefully this time i will send!

This past weekend I flew out to the north east so that i could try to send the fly in Rumney, NH. My single day of attempts was luckily enough to pull it off and am super psyched to have sent the line. After my day in Rumney and before heading to the airport to head back home i got to go try the "book of bitter aspects" in bradley, CT. Though extremely tired from the day before i gave it some really good attempts and can't wait to get back on it at a later date! It is such an inspiring line that i hope one day to finally send. 2 hard moves followed by a short v8 up an intensly steep wall! PERFECT!

Updates to come regarding my weekend trip back to Bishop!!!

Smug alert in full effect, beware!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


so I am heading back to the east coast this weekend for an EMS photo/video shoot and am very excited to try the fly. the problem being that the forecast is calling for rain every single day I am there! UGH!! UGH!! It just seems as if everywhere i have been trying to go lately the weather turns to crap the entire time i am there. We'll see hopefully it will get better, it would be nice to give the fly a good honest effort! But alas, I am going to keep my hope high until I have to get on a plane back to Denver on monday evening.

To everyone that is looking at a weekend of possible rain, keep your fingers crossed, its gonna be perfect i know it!

Bishop in 7 days!!! Rasta Man Project must go!