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Sunday, February 28, 2010

the late

lately i have been kicking it in Boulder, doing the school thing and training a bunch. I have been getting on the game a bit and i feel like the line is coming together!!! I have spent five days on it and the moves are all starting to get linked together and I am hoping to try it again tomorrow! This line is by far one of the hardest things i have tried and would love to be able to piece it together for the second ascent.

Besides that i have rediscovered the training board at movement which i am really psyched to be training my weakness on, open handed holds and lots of them. I have set myself some really great climbs to train on and am psyched to continue to do my campus routines on them to get stronger for my upcoming trips and competitions.

This next weekend, I am headed to Boston to film with Big Up Productions on this new indoor film shoot. It is going to be an attempt to make indoor climbing appealing to the masses. Chris Danielson is going to be the head setter for the shoot and I am psyched to be a part of it all. More details to come later!

And after Boston, it will only be a few weeks until my return to Bishop for an attempt at the Rasta Man Sit start. It has been quite a while since I tried the line but am feeling stronger than ever and hope to be able to piece it all together this time around!!! I really hope I can as i feel this would be a great contribution to the hard boulder problems in the united states.

stay tuned for more!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

abs nationals

I am heading to abs nationals in virginia this weekend. I have been training pretty hard and am psyched for the comp this weekend! the comp looks to be in quite the winter wonder land. The competiton field looks to be pretty big, i am just hoping everyone will be able to make it to VA to compete with the recent weather epics on the east coast.

Check out this great AAC short promo video. Found it on Youtube this morning and was impressed.

Best of luck to everyone competing this weekend!