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Friday, December 25, 2009

too cold

Well, the weather has turned to pure crap here in arkansas. To sum it up it rained for 3 days straight and on the last day it turned to snow and turned most everything to ice. The climbing today was decent however it was so cold that my tips turned to glass and the rock felt like i was grabbing ice rather than amazing textured sandstone. So instead of sticking it out and dealing with mid 20 degree weather for the next week or so alex and i have made the executive decision to move towards las vegas in search of warmer weather and amazing climbing in and around red rocks! I spoke with a friend who mentioned amazing projects in the red rocks area and we are both very psyched for the escape!

I was not able to get any good days on lost in the hood, however the one day i did try (the right start hold was wet) i came very close to sticking the first crux move giving it around 7 or so tries total. I am bummed i may have to leave this climb undone this trip but think that i will be making a short trip here in January, if the weather permits, to try and finish lost in the hood as well as this amazing project that i got very close to.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

spot comp

and here is a short video of me at the last spot bouldering comp on the finals climb of the evening!

Paul Robinson: Men's Final 12/5/09 from Jeff Mack on Vimeo.

Friday, December 11, 2009

organic bouldering sale

Organic makes some pretty amazing stuff, including crashpads, chalkbags, back packs, etc. they are an amazing company and i am super psyched to represent them! They are having a holiday sale on a bunch of their items! so check it out at Organic Climbing!!!

I am headed to Arkansas in less than a week and the psyche is high! there are so many things i want to do in a 2 week span! stay tuned here for updates from the trip!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

xmas break... tminus 2 weeks

the psyche is high as there is only 2 weeks before christmas break starts! Alex and I are heading to arkansas first for around 2 weeks. from there it will be off to the st george/vegas area for the last two weeks of our break. I am really looking forward to this trip as the end of this semester has been insanely hectic and it will be very nice to get a month to just relax and climb!

Next semester is looking to be great for climbing as well since i will only have school on tuesday and thurday!!! then after that and a few weeks in may i will be done!!! The plan right now is to go to south africa for 2 months and then make a multi-year journey over to europe with alex to explore the wonders of climbing over there! i already have so many boulders, route, and projects that i am already looking forward to!

But first it is going to be an awesome winter break! I hope to get the second ascent of DG's "lost in the hood" as well as put up a few of my own lines around the horseshoe canyon ranch! The psyche is high and i feel fit at the moment! hopefully a good trip is in store! stay tuned for updates from the road!