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Monday, November 26, 2007

back in b-town

after a refreshing break and going home for a while, i'm now back in boulder for a few days before the final triple crown at the stone fort, Tennessee. The past few weeks have been super hectic with school along with having to fly across the country every weekend for a comp. but after this weekend the flying will be over with and it will then be only 2.5 weeks until Hueco! I cannot wait for hueco and hope that the weather is good this winter trip. As for this week, i was hoping to get a lot of boulder problems done outside since i wouldn't have that much school work but not to my liking i came home to find a good bit of snow on the ground. im hoping that it will melt off by man it is sooooooo cold out there! Hueco cant come soon enough! so with some luck ill hopefully be able to get out a day or two before i head to Tennessee this weekend. Since I havent posted any pics in a while... here sre some from some of my most recent adventures.



confident man

air jordan

chris getting it done the crazy way!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2008 is on its way!

so 2007 is almost done and i have 5 problems left to do before the end of the year. 2007 was the first year i set out a list of boulder problems to do for the year. Now that i have about a month and a half left i have nearly completed all of them except for 5, those being Suspension of disbelief, Esperanza, Terremer, Nagual, and Slashface. I have to decided to count my entire Hueco trip (which will culminate on the 13th of January 08) as still part of my 2007 list and then start out on my 2008 list. Today I decided i would write up my list and this year i decided i would post this list and as i hopefully tick them off write about them! so here it is, all of which are places on plan on spending lengthy periods of time! 2008 list!



Rasta Man Vibration Sit (Project), buttermilks


Satan I helvete assis, font-Long’s Vaux


From dirt grows the flowers, chironico

South Africa

Amandla, Rocklands



Gecko assis, font-Les Beaux Quartiers


Dreamtime, cresciano
New base line, magic wood

South Africa

Moiste Meisie, Rocklands
Madiba, Rocklands


Bugeleisen, malltatal
Emotional landscapes, malltatal



Dominated, Yosemite
Xavier’s Roof, Dales Camp


Gecko, font-Les Beaux Quartiers
Fata morgana assis, font-Long’s Vaux
Satan I helvete, font-Long’s Vaux


Shadowfax, chironico
La prue, cresciano
Mithril, cresciano
The great shark hunt, chironico
Ganyemede takeover, brionne
Vecchio leone, brionne

South Africa

Quintessential, Rocklands
Shosalosa, Rocklands
Black shadow, Rocklands
Armed response, Rocklands
Leopard cave, Rocklands
Ray of light, Rocklands



Shadow warrior, Yosemite


Total eclipse, font-Cul De Chien
Chaos, font-Rocher Gréau
Big Dragon, font-Petit Bois


Pura vida, magic wood
Jack’s Broken Heart, magic wood
Salamander, brionne
Octopus, magic wood
Frank’s Wild Years, chironico
Kirk windstain, cresciano

South Africa
Nutsa, Rocklands
Oral office, Rocklands

this week suspension!!!!

photo andy mann