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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Back Home

I just got back the other night from a great 20 day trip to California! The weather was warm, but where is it not in the United States right now? Ive begun to understand that there is really no escaping the summer anymore and the easiest thing to do is just deal with the heat because Autumn will be here soon enough.

So, the trip! It was really good, climbed at the areas of Donner Summit, The Tramway, and Mt. Baldy. The climbing out in So Cal should definitely not be put off by the avid boulderer. The Tramway is absolutely amazing granite and the rock seems to be endless! Mt. Baldy is an amazing area as well with beautiful river polished boulders on the side of a now stream that keeps the forest cool during the day. And Donner, though not in So Cal, is amaing as well, yet another place in this country with impeccable granite. Here are some pictures from the trip!

Black Mamba, Tram

White Lines, Donner

Standing on the Head of a Dragon, AMAZING!, Tram

A View as you go up the tram

I am now back home in NJ for one more week before I head back to Colorado for another year! Should be fun! There are a lot of boulder problems that I am very psyched to get on (Ode, Jade, Suspension, and a few others)!!! Now I just have to keep on training for them and the big comp coming up ina few weeks at the OR Show in Salt Lake City.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Another Trip to GB

This time I went with Daniel. He absolutely killed it even though it was super hot out. Here are some Pics!

Something From Nothing

Fotowa SDS

I'm heading to Southern California tomorrow for a 20 day trip! I'm really psyched to see areas like the Tramway, Black Mountain, and Mt. Baldy. Stay tuned for pictures from the trip.