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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Lately I have been climbing inside a bunch, training for upcoming comps and the recent projects that have been shown to me. I saw this new line at the PB Boulders the other day that is extremely inspiring and quite possibly v14! I tried it a bit the other week and am really psyched to get back on it. It is a slightly overhung wall with crimps the entire way, absolutely possible but is going to be extremely hard. Other than that there are 2 cool new projects at eldo that i believe could hold some potential, i cleaned this new roof at eldo that would have 2 very difficult roof moves to a jug followed by an extremely hard mantle at the lip. The other project i have yet to see but have heard good things. over hung wall holds the whole way up, just needs some good cleaning. Other than that I am psyched for Suspension of Disbelief again once it gets colder. Today was the first snow in Boulder but it was too warm too stick, thank goodness! not psyched on the winterly months ahead.

This weekend I went to Poudre on saturday and climbed two new boulders and one that i had previously sent. I warmed up and went directly to "Circadian Rhythm" to see how i would be climbing that day and fired the climb off first go. Rad, Rad climb, just wish the rock were not behind it in the start. Next I went over the "Sharma Lunge" which I had never tried before and was psyched to give a flash effort. Got super close on my flash go and fired it off next try along with the sit start in two goes as well. After that I headed down to the Scarface boulder and decided I would try to start on scarface and head directly up the face. This climb had previously been done a long time ago but the starting hold out right broke. Im not sure if where I started was a first ascent but definitely was a fun climb and a nice crimper test piece for the area. It then began to rain and the day dwindled to an end as we hiked out in the sleet.

Other than that, I just finished a new abstract painting of the flatirons that i will post a picture of once i get it back from my teacher on Monday. oh projects! I'm psyched! i was def getting a little bored for a while but i really think that the PB boulders along with the projs at eldo will hold some truly beautiful futuristic lines. Other than that, Im heading to Joe's this weekend as long as the weather holds out. Psyched to go for the the FA of the broken "No Additives." we'll see.