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Friday, January 16, 2009

B-town Stompin'

It has been almost a month since my last update and a lot has happened over that time.

First of all, I am officially “bootless”. The doc has given me permission to “officially” start therapy and training. The only decision I need to make is to keep or take out the screw. There are good and bad reasons for each. I am leaning toward taking it out because it hurts. If anyone has any experience on this issue, please let me know.

In reality, I never stopped training. I feel pretty strong. My overall balance is not back yet but I am sure it will be shortly. I have been climbing a ton with Carlo Traversi and Alex Puccio. we have been doing a lot of sport climbing and i am having a lot of fun with it. It is great to be training with those two and really pushing forward in trying to heal my ankle back to being healed. I have also been climbing at CATS to keep my finger strength in tact.

After 8 months of not being in school the first week was quite intense. I have officially completed my first week and am looking forward to a relaxing four day weekend. I am headed to Clear Creek with Carlo Today in hopes of sending this 14a called Primeval. I tried this route once or twice 2 years ago and look forward to giving it another try today!

Other than that, i am just going to continue to train for the months ahead and am on a crash course in attempts to be ready to compete at ABS Nationals in February! I will be updatin a lot more now that i am officially back home and finally settled in! So stay tuned!