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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

back in CO

I'm back in Colorado for the year once again. Hopefully this year will be as productive as the last if not even more. Lately I have been climbing up at RMNP when it is not raining. I have had a few good days and have thus far sent some really fun climbs. I feel like I am getting back into the climbing out here very quickly.

Yesterday I headed up to RMNP with Daniel and Ryan Sewell. We warmed up then rain a train on the new "Friday the 13th" a really good boulder but i believe to be a bittttt soft for v10. none the less it climbs well and was fun to do. After that we headed up to the green wall area of the park. I tried the top of Jade for a short while and felt strong on it and cant wait to get back from the show in a few days to try it more. Other than that Daniel and I tried "Leviatan Style" and he sent very quickly. My first day on it was very good and I managed to fall off at the top after a little bit of effort.

Next we tried this amazing new project to the left of Jade on the arete. I managed to get the FA from a crouch start and named it "don't get toooo gready." Daniel and Ryan sent shortly after. Daniel and I tried it from the sit and got extremely close! This seems like it is going to be a great new boulder and very hard at that... atleast v13 i think. Once the show is done, I'm heading directly to the boulder to go for the send!

Sorry for no pictures but I don't have my computer right now to load any. But I will have it by tomorrow and will load some new pictures of the project! I'm off to the trade show tomorrow! The competition this year looks veryyyy stiff, should be exciting!