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Friday, April 16, 2010

Earth Treks in a week

The Earth Treks comp is on one week and I am in my last ditch efforts trying to get into indoor shape before the event. I feel pretty good and hope that I can do well this go around! I was going to go to Joe's this weekend but decided to stick around boulder and climb on plastic to train for the comp next weekend.

On Weds, for example I had quite the day of climbing which was awesome! I started at noon by trying the game for 3 hours (felt good to get back on it again, will be trying this weekend too), then climbed at the gym for 3 hours sport climbing and bouldering, and finally went up to Gabor's new climb "botslayer" and managed a flash ascent after having had climbed for over 6 hours that day. It was a nice ending to the day, but my tips were hurting after that one!

A lot of comps are coming up and I am psyched for all of them! I hope that by the time world cup comes around I will be in the best indoor shape of my life and ready for it all!

more updates to come.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Paul Robinson in Minnesota from Nicros Club-JA on Vimeo.

I made some sweet holds for nicros this weekend and was able to get outside and make the 2nd ascent of the classic climb the raven put up by Nic Oklobja a couple of months ago. Chyeaaaaaa. Keep an eye out for the signature sets from nicros coming out soon!