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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

xmas break... tminus 2 weeks

the psyche is high as there is only 2 weeks before christmas break starts! Alex and I are heading to arkansas first for around 2 weeks. from there it will be off to the st george/vegas area for the last two weeks of our break. I am really looking forward to this trip as the end of this semester has been insanely hectic and it will be very nice to get a month to just relax and climb!

Next semester is looking to be great for climbing as well since i will only have school on tuesday and thurday!!! then after that and a few weeks in may i will be done!!! The plan right now is to go to south africa for 2 months and then make a multi-year journey over to europe with alex to explore the wonders of climbing over there! i already have so many boulders, route, and projects that i am already looking forward to!

But first it is going to be an awesome winter break! I hope to get the second ascent of DG's "lost in the hood" as well as put up a few of my own lines around the horseshoe canyon ranch! The psyche is high and i feel fit at the moment! hopefully a good trip is in store! stay tuned for updates from the road!


Evan Ramsey said...

Dude, I've got a house in fayetteville, Arkansas if you need a climbing break and need a place to crash. Also, I can show you around to some of the sick new areas and climbs like forever botany, lost in the hood, DG's V14/ 15 project at new font ( 3 minutes from lost in the hood), sick cave projects at new font, and the Dreamery, which is a super sweet private property sport wall with the best routes in Arkansas, and more. Get Syked!

Paul said...

Evan, please send me an email at boulder.on(at) thanks!

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Kendal Jackson said...

Hurray for Holiday Break Climbing!

You should peruse our Chalk Bags and let me know what you think...

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