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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

rumney and the east coast

I am now back in Colorado until Thursday to get some school work done, attend class, and hand in a few papers. Then it is off to Bishop Thursday afternoon! So psyched for Rasta Man Sit, hopefully this time i will send!

This past weekend I flew out to the north east so that i could try to send the fly in Rumney, NH. My single day of attempts was luckily enough to pull it off and am super psyched to have sent the line. After my day in Rumney and before heading to the airport to head back home i got to go try the "book of bitter aspects" in bradley, CT. Though extremely tired from the day before i gave it some really good attempts and can't wait to get back on it at a later date! It is such an inspiring line that i hope one day to finally send. 2 hard moves followed by a short v8 up an intensly steep wall! PERFECT!

Updates to come regarding my weekend trip back to Bishop!!!

Smug alert in full effect, beware!


Max said...

good to see you, kid.

sock hands said...


Steve Schultz said...

Well? How'd rasta sit go??