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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


so I am heading back to the east coast this weekend for an EMS photo/video shoot and am very excited to try the fly. the problem being that the forecast is calling for rain every single day I am there! UGH!! UGH!! It just seems as if everywhere i have been trying to go lately the weather turns to crap the entire time i am there. We'll see hopefully it will get better, it would be nice to give the fly a good honest effort! But alas, I am going to keep my hope high until I have to get on a plane back to Denver on monday evening.

To everyone that is looking at a weekend of possible rain, keep your fingers crossed, its gonna be perfect i know it!

Bishop in 7 days!!! Rasta Man Project must go!


sock hands said...

wicked job on 'the fly', paul! due to the level of impressed that i am at this hard and necky ascent, i shall not kidney punch you AT ALL next time in RJ2! none! that's difficult for me to promise, but you deserve it, fool!

[honestly, NICE]

tim said...

Hey Paul great job with the fly. Theres been progress on the huge arete on the darkside. Still very hard. Good luck on the rastaman proj.