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Sunday, March 30, 2008

quick update

So, there was no send and my barely healed tip busted open again. But the tries I did get to give it were some of my best yet! I am back in Boulder now and planning a trip back for a long weekend in 3 weeks to try and finish it up! I can't wait! I will post some video of my best attempts in the upcoming days once I get the footage. Keep posted!

Below I have posted the video of one of my closer attempts on the sit start. I think I fell on this move at least 20 times from the bottom, followed by video of me sticking the move in isolation. I can't wait to get back to this thing!!!

Sorry about the crappy quality.


Anonymous said...

We'll see you when you come back. I'll still be working on Stained Glass. I hope it stays cool for both us.

Peter Beal said...

Sick move, looks slabby until your feet cut!

Mike McClure said...

Wow, way to make that high left hand look like a JUG!

Anonymous said...

I was number 1000!!!

sock hands said...

come on, paul... no 15 minute textual intro to the 45 seconds of climbing? no 3rd grade photoshop stills? no 2nd grade animation?

you are a PRO. we expect a higher standard from you on these videos.


tick tock on the return visit. rock the morning and night sessions to get your temps to get it done.

ps: i feel like frankenstein this morning after even that pathetic effort at the session last night. in retrospect, i shoudl have devoted more time and effort to giving you and frank a hard time and maybe giving unsolicted beta to the others instead of actually climbing. after observation, that's what most has-been and never-was climbers do at the gym. next time, i'll get it right.

safe travels, fool.