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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Midnight Express and Bishop

The weeks seem like days here in Boulder. It just seems like yesterday I was coming home from Hueco and starting the new semester of school. Now it is practically spring break and I cant wait for another 10 day trip to Bishop! This year the main focus will be the Rasta Man Vibration Sit Start Project. It has definitely been on my mind for the past year and cant wait to begin trying it again with some more serious effort.

Lately I have been just climbing around Boulder and have been trying to heal my right middle toe. I had to get stitches in it because i had a cist and the doctor had to cut it out. It kinda sucked not being able to wear a shoe for about 2.5 weeks but just in the past week or so i have been able to wear both climbing shoes again! As soon as I found out i could wear both shoes i returned to my short term project of Midnight Express. The day I sent (saturday) was absolutely perfect. The weather was cold (31 feels like 9 said for Nederland with a good steady wind)! PERFECT! cold but warm enough to not be frozen the whole time. After warming up i felt confident and ready to go. My first attempt was really good and i knew that today could be that day! After several bad attempts, i finally stuck the under-cling perfectly and climbed it to the top without any hesitation! It felt good, it had been a while since i had done something hard that i was proud of.

photo A. Mann: The final overwhelming moves of the infamous Midnight Express

Psyched! Bishop 2 days!

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