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Monday, August 17, 2009


I am now back in Boulder and have begun the training necessary for my return to Squamish this Fall as well as the many climbs in Colorado that I would like to finish this Fall Semester. Alex and I both bought memberships and have quickly fallen in love. The gym is spectacular and it is just the right place to train really really hard! I have been working my endurance a lot and feel that each passing day i am getting a bit stronger. I still will continue to keep faithful to training at CATS as well since everyone knows this place will get anyone in the best bouldering shape of their life if they put their hours in.

I would like to give huge props to Mike Moelter and Anne-Worley Moelter for putting together one of the best climbing gyms in the country if not the world. It is an amazing facility and well worth checking out if you make your way through Boulder anytime.

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