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Monday, August 31, 2009

busy is an understatement

the past week or so has been quite busy with my upcoming art show this Friday at the Prana Store in Boulder, CO. I have been getting some final paintings completed to show at the gallery opening on the fourth.

Besides that I got up to the park this weekend for a day on my birthday and was able to send blood money in a few goes. i had tried the line a year before as night was setting in and only got a few good burns before it got completely dark up there. but with the good late august conditions this year and lots of nice sunlight, i managed the send and was psyched to be done one more boulder i had never completed before in the park. There are only a few left and i hope to finish them off before the snow comes.

Only 4 more weeks until i return to squamish in hopes of sending dreamcatcher!!

1 comment:

Unai said...

power endurance and abs everyday mate.
you are goin to do it for sure!