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Sunday, September 6, 2009


the art show came and went and it was a great learning experience and a huge success for myself! I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that showed up and supported me during the evening of the fourth. I will try and have pictures up soon from the evening.

Tomorrow is Labor day and I am psyched to have a day off from school! I am heading to clear creek in hopes of some cooler temps and a hopeful send of "Primeval" 5.14a on the Primo wall. I have tried the route a bit before but have never managed to clip the chains from the bottom. Hopefully tomorrow will be different! I am psyched for the Fall here in Boulder. There are a few climbs I really need to finish before I finish college and leave the state for a long time. The Fall list is as follows (not all are front range but this is what i would like to get done before the New Year):

Primeval 5.14a, CCC
Dreamcatcher 5.14d/15a?, Squamish
Iron Monkey, 5.14 (trad) Eldo

Top Notch, V13 RMNP
Poudre Roof Proj, V15? Poudre Canyon
Suspension of disbelief, V14, Eldo
fingerhut direct, v13/14 joe's
masterpiece, v13, joe's
wood grain grippin, v14 arkansas
lost in the hood, v14, arkansas
chuck up the deuce, v13, arkansas
king lion, v12, arkansas
antihero, v13, arkansas

very psyched! i have been training a heck of a lot lately and feel good! hopefully this fall will lend itself to good temps and hopefully i can send each of these lines i have set my eyes on!

best of luck to everyone on their fall projects!


Dave said...

No boulders from Squamish made the list?

Paul said...

i only have 2 days in squamish. if i can finish up dreamcatcher quickly i would love to boulder some but feel that most of my time will be spent working the route!

Paul said...

Nice to see trad getting a look in on more top climbers wishlists. Good luck with all the projects.

Alex said...

While youre in Arkansas, open project in the goat cave. v12+ - ish. Greedy did the fa of the stand.