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Friday, September 25, 2009

spot comp this weekend

This weekend is going to kick off the first bouldering comp of the season for me! I am very psyched to be competing at the "Gun Show" at the Spot this weekend! It is going to be a relatively local sized come but i am looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends and climbing on the new climbs that the spot setters throw up.

Besides that I have got outside on sunday and FINALLY finished up top notch! This climb took me forever to figure out a good sequence since I was a good bit taller than the other 3 people who had previously sent the line. I have video of the send and will edit it up and post that as soon as its all finished.

I have not been able to make it back to prime time to shine yet because the last few days have been rainy and of course wet. The weather looks to be getting a lot better and i think after the comp on monday ill be making a quick trip up there in hopes of sending! Have a great weekend all!

1 comment:

matt said...

did you send it with your original beta or the schwag way it went on the FA?