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Monday, September 7, 2009

still too hot

kevin, alex, and myself woke up early this am for an attempt to send Primeval. however the temps at 9 am were above 80 degrees and it was not getting any cooler. we ate breakfast at the village cafe and gave up quite quickly after breakfast feeling full and not psyched to venture out into the death heat. hopefully it will cool down in the next couple weeks!

one of my favs from my show last fri!


Suradetch said...

Nice painting(s) Paul. The composition and the way you display it work well together. Are you in the art program at University of Colorado Boulder? How is it for you? I am thinking of transferring there.

Paul said...

i am in the art program at CU currently as a BA. it is a pretty good program and i am applying for the BFA this fall!!

Suradetch said...

Nice! That's great man. Another climber who's an art major. I want to visit UC Boulder and RMCAD sometime next month and hopefully get some climbing in too.