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Monday, April 23, 2007

Joe's Trip

Yep, so Joe's Valley is definately one of the best bouldering areas in the country, hands down. Huge proud lines one after another fill amazing valleys. The trip went well and lots of sending went down!
Daniel and I went out there with a few boulders in mind, but the main one being the second ascent of "Mask of God" on the powerline boulder which ticks in at V13. This boulder problem is amazing and quite hard as well. The boulder begins with a V11 crux into a short V7 followed by about a V12 top crux section with a crzy bump finish at about 20 feet off the ground. The landing is not that good and about 7 or more pads is needed to protect the fall. I managed to get to the last move a few times on link but could not manage to finish it, but Daniel pulled through and hooked up the second ascent on saturday night! Congrats to Daniel on such a sick send! Below is a picture of himworking the last few moves on toprope before the actual send.

After not sending "Mask of God" I was kinda bummed but super psyched Daniel got the SA. I hope to go back for it sometime soon! I think my next trip it will go down really fast!

Other than mask of god we had a super fun weekend doing lots of moderates around Joe's Valley. Daniel and Olson hooked up a very fast ascent of "Finger Hut" V10. Daniel and I both sent "We Call him Michael" V10 in two goes each and I did "Beyond Life" on my second go as well. The Beyond life wall is quite an amazing wall and everyone of the boulders on it is high quality and all worth doing.

The rest of the trip went very well Chuck Fryberger hooked up Trent's Mom in short work and I got the first flash the problem has ever seen! Psyched!!! I also flashed my first V12 "Prince of Thieves." This boulder along with many others in Joe's is a hidden jem that should be attempted by all! Daniel got really close to sending but the rain came in and the topout got a little too epic but none the less he will kill it first try next trip.

All in all an amazing weekend filled with really fun people! I'm psyched to return to the land of endless boulders (Joe's) very soon!!!

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