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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

post 1

so yea, I decided to start a blog. I thought it would be a fun idea and give me something to do. I was motivated by the blogs off of and thought it might be fun to have one of my own. I plan on trying to update this as much as possible with what I have been climbing on or art work I have been doing.

Today I went up to Eldo. I did this cool thing called "germ free adolescence" along with its sit start for this movie that Andy Mann and Scott ? are filming. The movie production seems to be a super awesome idea: amazing "majestic" (as woods would say) lines all around CO. I had fun shooting with them along with climbing with Daniel today. After ger free we went over to this cool v9, I think it was called "stacking the chips." Daniel climbed it a bunch for the camera and I was content on just doing it once, since I had done germ free like 8 other times. This boulder is quite good and definately worth checking out. I thought it was pretty tough and definately was a bit hair rasing at the top. Andy Mann took some cool pictures today and I'm sure they will be on his site shortly.

Other than that, I was psyched to try "Suspension of Disbelief" today. When we got to Eldo the weather was pretty muggy and gross so I decided that it would not be worth it to hike all the way back there and possibly have it be way too humid to climb on. Plus, I was third day on and that problem, for me atleast, is realllly hard!!! Suspension has been a problem I have been wanting to do for a while. I really hope that I can send it before I have to leave CO for the summer. One more cold day is all I need!

The day was fun, I definately enjoyed the climbs I did as well as this crazy rock jump that we had to do since the water level was so high. Im pretty psyched on this blog idea, seems like fun. Now, back to this painting that has taken over the other side of my life, that I will post pictures of once I am done!

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