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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Rainy Day in CO

It has been raining for pretty much the last 3 days straight now in Colorado and snowing above 7,000 feet elevation. I woke up this morning to some sun and was super psyched to go climbing outside. By the time Daniel got to my dorm at around 12:30 it had begun raining again and we got super bummed but decided what the heck... let's just drive out to Clear Creek and see how the boulders look.

We had one boulder in mind. Daniel had called Harry and got directions to this new boulder, "Cuntor" put up by Scott Hahn a few weeks back. We drove out there and after getting into the canyon the rain had died down a lot and it looked like not too bad whether sans the very wet rock. We made the epic trudge to the boulder since we could not find the tyrolean and just to our luck only 3 holds were wet!!! We worked it for aabout 30 mins and it was looking very promising. With bits of rain every once in a while, I sent and got the third ascent and after a quick rest daniel also sent with a follow up 4th ascent. Good day for such crappy weather!

I checked out some of the routes on the primo wall and decided I would be psyched to try the route "prime evil" 5.14a sometime soon, possibly next week. After this We decided to leave but we were not psyched to hike all the way back. At first we found a large branch and hiked it up stream aways and tried to make a bridge. That ended terribly with me almost falling into raging rapids and merely escaping getting completely drenched. Since that didnt work we just decided to go to a calm spot and fjord it. That was a success but barely! The water was freezing cold, the rocks hurt our feet so bad and our pants got soaking wet! none the less we did not do the hike all the way out and eventually made it to Theo's wall for a nice training session!

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