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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Post Dos (that means 2 in Spanish)

"UMMMM today was pretty cool." Thursdays are always fun for me... I only have one class in the morning and then the rest of the day is always free! Today, my good friend from back east, Andy Salo, called me up and told me he was in CO and psyched to go climbing. I was psyched and the day was perfect for climbing. We headed out to the Dark Waters boulder. Andy did some really good links and only has about one more move to go until he has done them all... definately could send before his trip is over. Other than that, I repeated Dark Waters in a few goes and climbed formula 50 as well. Both problems were really fun to repeat and the day was just beautiful.After that we headed up to the main area of Clear Creek. I showed Andy a few other cool boulder problems and we climbed on the Mavericks wall fro a while. We tried 41st street and that was a bad decision before I even started climbing on it. First go I got to the top and fell and busted my ankle on this root and second go I fell off topping it out and destroyed my left arm. arg! Andy hooked the boulder with good steez... I was super scared spotting but he killed it none the less.So yea, then we headed to Cats. I climbed for a while but the atmosphere was definately not that of training. Olson, DW, Andy, Danielson, Kev, and me started jumping on the trampolines and trying to do crazy campus moves on these rungs. Oh and i cant figure out how to put pictures on this site... ill figure it out soon...

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