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Saturday, May 26, 2007


So I have been in Japan for the past few day and it has been amazing! The flight here was about 17 hours long but well worth it. Japan is a really fun place filled with lots and lots of people. I started my trip by flying into the Narita Airport and was shortly thereafter picked up by a 5.10 representative Kahaiho. He is a very nice guy who has been taking me around for the past few days. He is one of the few people here that I can actually communicate well with. It has been hard having to use mostly hand gestures for the last few days but a good experience for myself.

So far I have only climbed in the gym, but it both gyms I went to were really fun. My second day here I visited BPUMP 2. this is an all bouldering gym about 45 minutes south of Tokyo by train. Yesterday I competed in the Five Ten Cup, which was an experience in itself! The day started with a 60 foot lead climb (which I got my butt kicked in), followed by a bouldering competition (Which was a ton of fun and was fortunate enough to win!!!), followed by a speed competition, followed by a campusing competition, followed by a dyno competition. And that was just the semi-final round! The competition was a lot of fun and I will post pictures of once I get back to the United States.

Today, I am headed to an area outside where I have wanted to visit for some time now, Shiobara. This area is home to many of Dai Koyamada's infamous hard lines. I am very excited to try them even though I am pretty tired from yesterday and the day before climbing adventures. I am most psyched for two main lines that I have heard a lot about in the past, Hydra and Karamba. Both climb out a huge 30 foot roof and look to be just beautiful. I will take lots of pictures today and post when I return, as I fly back to the United States tomorrow afternoon.


Ryan said...

Sounds like you are having a good time. That comp must have been exhausting!

Enjoy those boulder problems I look forward to seeing pictures.

campa28 said...

Thanks for coming to Japan. We are very glad to meet you.

Bouldering movies which you showed in hotel really excite us. I will plan to go to US in three years, after finishing my volunteer activity in Zambia where locates in a southern part of Africa.

Masashi ABE
(See pictures; I weared a beard, eyeglasses, and a light-blue jacket)

sock hands said...

post photos immediately or have all ascents invalidated by photoshopping dabbery into all magazine shots !!!!!!!!!1111111111

you can avoid this embarassment and frustration by posting trip photos!

you may not think i have this power, and i may not, but CAN YOU RISK IT ?


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