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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Congrats to Daniel on his recent send of Suspension of Disbelief, V14. This boulder problem overcomes an amazing 18 foot wall with really hard moves to a very tough dyno finish. Daniel finished it on his seventh day of effort. He comments,

"if terre de sienne, esperanza, and swarm gets v14 and suspension gets 13,then all those should be 1" I
would completely agree with Woods. Though this is impossible that the above mentioned boulder are V12 but it does give people who have never tried Suspension a bit of an understanding of how hard it is. I have also tried Suspension for 5 days so far and feel that it has to be v14. It is the hardest thing I feel that I have ever tried except for the green 45 project. I cannot wait for the fall to get back on this amazing line when I get back to Colorado again but until then this boulder will definitely remain in my mind at night.

In other news, the gunks was a lot of fun. The weather was not prime but it was nice climbing with my girlfriend and great friends from back east. We went to Lost City on Saturday and had a blast. I managed to flash some really cool problems and the FA of this great v10 i called, "a dose of Novocaine" because it was darnnnn sharp! I also got the third ascent of this great v12, "ghost of an ant" and the FA since it recently broke. I will post some pics of Daniels send shortly.

Again great job Daniel!!! This boulder is quite possibly the hardest thing on the Front Range... but "Ode to the Modern Man" is a strong contender as well! I can't wait to try that one as well this upcoming fall. It does need a second!


Anonymous said...

i still don't think ghost broke since andy did it, but i guess you'd have to ask him...

Climbing Narcissist said...

Sick video of your flash spree in Joe's. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

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