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Saturday, May 19, 2007

New Hampshire

Sorry for the long lapse of no blog entries, I have been busy climbing up a storm in New Hampshire. The state is full of untapped beautiful granite! I had a great trip and the weather cooperated for us decently. Though we did have some rain and humidity, there were still dome really good days of sunshine and good bouldering.

I started my trip at an area close to Hanover, Etna. This area is very small but has some world class granite. The first day there was hot but none-the-less I had a blast. My friends from New York, Rocco and Ed, drove up for the weekend and we went directly to work on this amazing problem called "Blockbuster." The line is beautiful! Here is a picture of Ed working "Blockbuster."

We also went to an amazing boulder in the middle of the woods right by this amazing lak called "Spec Pond." Here is a picture of the Pond!

Spec Pond was a great area and I managed to get the first ascent of this really amazing line, "Spectacle Illusion" that goes right out the middle of this beautiful overhang. I also worked this project to the right which I am really excited to go back for in the future.

I also got to do some climbing at the more well-known areas of Rumney and Pawtuckaway. Both areas were a lot of fun. The granite at Pawtuckaway is amazing!!! Some of the best I have climbed on. At rumney I had a really good day of climbing and flashed both "Satan's Choice" and "Satan on a half shell" both of which are at the black jack boulder. At Pawtuckaway I sent two amazing lines that climb some impeccable granite, "Child of the Storm" and "Stand and Deliver." Both of these lines are on the Swirly boulder, one of the best boulders in all of New England.

All in all, a very exciting week! I am heading to Japan for a week on Wednesday and am super psyched about that. Until then it will be some indoor training to get ready.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

Paul sounds like you had some awesome climbing. Congrats on all the sends and sweet picture of 'Blockbuster'. Looks like just my type of boulder problem what is it rated?

Have fun in Japan!