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Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Training Begins

After sitting in bed for about 1.5 weeks i could not take the lazy life anymore. Since i am not allowed to put a single ounce on my left ankle my set up has to be very simple for a while. My dad and I picked up a hang board and he constructed me (Thank you!) a nice low to the ground set up to train on in the garage until i can start putting some weight on my left foot again.

The set up is very simple but it should do the trick. I don't think that it has been up for 12 hours yet and I have already done 3 intense sessions on it as well as my daily push up and sit up routines. Push ups are a bit harder when you can only use one foot. I am excited to build up my workouts on my hang board and look forward to possibly adding a board above it to start working on once my ankle starts to heal a bit and maybe some screw on crimps around it to campus around on. As for endurance, i think that once i am able to put a small amount of weight on my ankle in a few weeks, i will start roping up and climbing 1 footed. I hope in the next few weeks as well i can start to campus at my local climbing gym.

Here is what i have so far! yes, verrrrry simple but am very psyched to be back training again!


Victor B.F said...

hi Paul! good luck with your training and with the recovery!
I sent you some links on the email you gave me (boulder.on.. something like this) about the contest in Romania. I hope you got them(I mean I hope I didn't sent the mail to someone else.
Good luck one again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul

I've been following your blog for quite some time, and was devastated to hear that you had busted your foot - I was so looking forward to all the stuff you would do in Europe!

I was wondering what kind of training you have been doing? How do you train? I really appreciated the last time you wrote about your training routine, and I was wondering how you cope with the injury and train now.

Good luck with the further training and recovery!

sock hands said...

quick mention straight to yer face: the only issue i had climbing one-footed during my stints in the boot of doom was that my "good" knee became increasingly sore since it was taking the brunt of all walking, and all funky foot work while climbing. my knee on that leg is missing an ACL due to an old skiing injury, so that was probably the main reason for the soreness, but definitely watch out for the addiional strain you put on the 'good' leg when climbing one-footed. i actually heard that a number of folks using a boot of doom have actually gotten stress fractures in the other leg from hobbling on it without the balance of the booted leg.

careful, young fool, careful!

Peter Beal said...

Good luck Paul! What kind of fingerboard did you get?

sock hands said...

...not the so ill slopy mon.


Tiago Rocha said...

Hi man. Sorry for your injury... Congratulations on the boulders u have put up around the world! very inspiring ascents! I'm from Brazil and let me give u some betas... Leave some time on your agenda open in the future to visit here... manly Cocalzinho for bouldering. It's near Brazil's capital, Brasilia. There are more than 1500 boulder lines oppened and many more to come! I'm only a begginer, but here the better climber normally don't have sponsorship, so they climb really for they own. But that isn't an obstacle, since now we have some V13 boulders and many harder projects! It's definely a rock jungle! A "gringo" top-climber never came here to check out the place and I suggest that you do, won't regret! Even if you don't come, there is a film that show a little of the potential, it's COCAL PROGUETO, u can find it on, go to VIDEOTECA and search for "Cocal ProGueto". If u search cocal or cocalzinho you still find great videos...
Don't want to be annoing, but I love climbing and I would love to see one of u monsters climbing in the gueto!

anything mail to

tim said...

hey Paul
I just heard from my accupuncturist that if I had accupuncture soon after I broke my ankle 20 yrs ago it would have healed up much faster and much more completely. It increases the bloodflow to damaged connective tissue. Its worth looking into. good luck

Tony said...

Hey Paul...
sorry for your pain!!!
it's really bad. i hope everythings will be ok soon... see you and take your time to be in good shape soon..
a tout

Rock Climbing said...

Paul good to hear the recovery is coming along well. Hope everything heals fast.