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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank You All!

Hey everyone, thanks so much for the kind words at the end of my previous blog post. I am now currently back in New Jersey after a 9 hour plane ride from Hell. But the pain and suffering was definitely worth it to be back home with my family, in a comfortable, bed, and have home cooked meals all the time!

I am still unable to do any sort of physical activity due to my inability to move my leg what so ever without shooting pains coming directly from my ankle. I am hoping with in the next two weeks this may subside and i can start to do some push-ups, pull-ups, and maybe a small amount of campusing. But for now it is the bed for me :(. Lots of sitting around, sleeping, and just trying to pass the time until i will be able to start some physical activity again.

Unfortunately it has been quite an epic trying to find a foot specialist to see me after getting home. It has come to my attention that doctors don't really want to work on helping people get better if they did not originally do the surgery to begin with. It does make sense but unfortunately it has been quite a problem trying to get a good foot specialist to take over where the hospital in Switzerland left off. I believe that i may have an appointment tomorrow with one tomorrow in Philadelphia if the doctor ever ends up calling us back. I can only hope that they will!

Anyway, thanks again for all the kind words. they were greatly appreciated and have helped a ton! Hopefully my next post i will have done something besides laying in a bed all day. Until then, thanks for all the support out there!


kesl_ _ said...

hey, get well soon. hope you'll be able to go ABS National. looking forward to your next climb. =]

andy said...

our medical system is all messed up. i have always had good experiences with doctors affiliated with jefferson university in philly though. good luck and i wish you quick healing!

elias said...

ethan p . recovered like fuckin hell after his injury dude, so all i can say is: your comeback will be like a cataclysm!!!! lol, now that you have plenty of "nothing to do", maybe you should consider x-box action. chill. elias

Ian said...

Good things come out of everything mate. Go well.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry! You will be stronger then ever. A break from climbing is always a good thing. You will still have your technic and knowledge left. The strengh will come back soon and fast!

Stringbean said...

Hey Paul, Hope you get better soon, looking forward to you campusing all my projects! =) Rest up man!

Anonymous said...

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