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Thursday, September 18, 2008

in response to Anonymous Part 2

I just arrived home from a day of bouldering in the Magic Wood and was happy to see a bunch of comments on my blog as well as a very nice write up on about my blog. to clear a few things up really quickly, as i mentioned i have not tried story of two world but my first impressions was that the climb was not the most spectacular climb in the world. It seemed a bit dabby. no i am not taking this as a short cut out of trying it at all. i never have in my entire life made a short cut out of trying a boulder problem and never plan to ever do so. i truly do not think that this climb looks good at all... there are way too many climbs in ticino to climb on the ones that dont inspire you. plus why repeat when you can be finding some of the greatest FA's in the world!? I am heading up to ValleBavonne tommorrow and will take many pics on the hopefully amazing projects i stumble upon!!! Thanks for all the great comments!


Jon Redshaw said...

Cool Blog, glad you like Magic Wood, was there for a month and think its amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great effort!! Both in trying to repeat and create new hard boulders and also in commenting on the hardest ones. It's funny when people that haven't met you (as myself) start talking sh***/nonsense about the fact that you make an honest OPINION on your OWN blog... haha, please just give me a break! It's great that you will keep on saying what you believe, and to be fair, your tone couldn't be more respectfull. Bye, Erik.

finbarr said...

enjoying your blog.
keep climbing things you want to climb, for whatever reason.
and please keep on telling us what, how and why.
and remember to not let dictionaries tell you what words to use.
we make the words.