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Thursday, September 11, 2008

as the game once said, " i aint afraid of no ghosts"

Thanks all for the supportive comments. I have decided why not bring my thoughts to as Jamie pointed out. I don't want to look scared because i want to get the highest score on So i am bringing the down rating from my blog to 8a and onward. I will continue to give my reasons for my downrates on this site because 8a is just not he place for it. Thanks all for your support!!

Today was a fun day, did a few moderates and attempted the full "Never Ending Story." Today was my first real day on it and it felt really good. I fell off the scond part of "NES" and can't wait to hopefully finish it next time in it!

Oh and in regards to Magic Wood, i feel that the grades here have been a bit more on target. NES part 2 to me felt a good bit soft, but most things here to be about right, only a bit on the soft end. Though i do feel that Voigas could easily be 7c...

Photos: Garrett Koeppicus


Bart van Raaij said...

Hi Paul, It' great to read that you finally climb in Switserland! Great sends. My name is Bart van Raaij and I am working on a new Dutch climbing magazine. It would be great if it's possible to meat you for an interview while you are in Europe. I will be in Magic Wood at the end of this month and you might be in Font after Magic Wood? Please let me know if you are interested. Kind regards, Bart (bart[at]bleau[dot]info)

elias said...

smash those grades!!! crush those problems......seems you're too eager to flash some sweet boulders and that's why you're getting pumped.....patience dude. you'll get your reward. as 2pac said:"... Convinced this is my year
Like I'm the chosen man"

Bruce A. Black said...

Why not post the reasons why you downgrade routes on If you downgrade or even upgrade and people see it on they should be able to read why you feel this way without having to find it on your blog. As long as you post reasonable explanations for the downgrade nobody would have a reason to hate on you. That is one of the cool things about's system, routes can get some consensus from people all over the world. Keep crushing!

Anonymous said...

so, by adjusting the grade as needed, you must have particular problems in mind when you think of a certain grade. in fact, those grades ultimately stem from a handful of problems themselves, right?

for arguments sake, let's say the el murrays, in hueco, are the standard for those grades and in fact are the ones that came before the rest of them all?

so, do you think it is more important for the grades within a climbing area to be consistent with each other or the absolute magic number?