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Monday, August 4, 2008

home and very jet-lagged

The last few days of my trip were extremely productive and i was so psyched to finish off a bunch of the climbs that i had come close to earlier on in the trip! I went back and looked at my 2008 send list again that i had posted earlier this year ( and even though i did not look at it once during my trip to africa i climbed every single boulder problem on my list and am psyched to continue on with the rest of my year!!! The only boulers so far that i havent done that i definetely wont get to finish up this year are "rasta man sit" and "dominated" i was hoping to get a short trip to yosemite this spring but was unable to pull it off before the hot weather arrived. And well rasta man, that was an epic and will be saved for 2009! The biggest chunk of my list is still to come and that comes from all over Europe. I leave on September 1 and am already so psyched for the 3.5 month trip ahead of me!

I arrived home on the 31st and felt pretty fine the first day but the next morning when i woke up at 5 am i knew that jet lag had set in. Now it is monday morning at 8 am (the 4th) and i have already been awake for 2 hours. hopefully it will all subside soon. i have been frantically going to the climbing gym trying to get into some sort of decent indoor climbing shape before the big OR Competition this upcoming weekend. I pretty much feel like crap inside, right now im blaming it on the jet lag! Hopefully tonight in the gym will be a different story and i will feel at least a little bit stronger.

Wish me luck! I will try to post some pictures from the end of our trip later this week so stay tuned.


elias said...

wtf ??????????? feelin' weak after all those crazy sends??? guys scare the sh*t outta me , you're totally sick!!!!! fulfilling dreams is all what it's all about congrats!!

sock hands said...

word. welcome home, ol' chap!

tell dw that i was just kidding on my 8a messages.

after saltlick, be prepared to decimate colorado. also, know that i officially demand a send of the super roof project in the narrows/poudre canyon from you and dw as a "joint FA", which are the best kind of FAs of course.



word again.