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Sunday, August 31, 2008


It is less than 24 hours until i depart! All of my bags are pretty much packed and i am beyond psyched. I never thought the day would come and i would be so close to being able to go climb in Switzerland! I arrive in Zurich on the 2nd in the morning and will drive down with Garrett Koeppicus to my place of residence for the next several months, maybe even go check out a few of the boulders of Cresciano in the evening if we have time! Claro and the surrounding bouldering areas of Cresciano, Chironico, Brione, etc will be pretty warm during the beginning of the trip but it looks like the temps in Magic Wood should be perfect for the first month of our trip. After that the lower elevation areas including Font should be getting good and thats where the rest of our trip will be spent.

Thanks to everyone that has given me tips on traveling and climbing over there as well as the people who have offered to show me around some amazing bouldering areas! I feel psyched and there are a ton of amazing boulder problems that i sure would love to do before returning back to the United States in mid December.

Before my departure i was able to check out this little bouldering area close to my parents house in NJ. This single boulder was found by a friend of mine a few months ago and i was fortunate enough to check it out on a cool evening the other day. The boulder itself is very much like the rock of Rumney and the climbing is dynamic and quite fun. I managed to put up two really nice lines and below are some pictures from the day. Sorry for the bad quality, they were taken on a camera phone. But at least you can get an idea of the cool roof so close to my house (about a 30 minute drive).

"Sittin Sideways" FA 8a, Lone Pine

Stay tuned for up to date info on my upcoming trip to Switzerland! I will be sure to take tons of photos throughout my adventures!


greysheep5 said...

hi paul, christoph from austria speaking! you will be staying at the stillhart's in claro? we will also be there (in the rustico and one of their apartments) from sept. 24th till the 3rd of october. maybe we will meet there, would be nice! till then you should have found everything in the woods around ticino i suppose, but if you need someone to show you guys a bit around, be my guest! we will be mostly bouldering in brione, chironico and cresciano though, despite the possibly kind of warm weather at the end of september! greetings from austria, christoph

elias said...

2 dreamplaces in less than six months???? gooodddd man you better crush everything in your way man.... i wish you the best ascents ever!!!!! carpe diem.

Ryan said...

Have a good trip man. Im totally jealous!

Stringbean said...

Hey! I know that it's Funk...but who's the fat guy in the blue shirt? :) Hope your switz trip is tons of fun, and give me some swedish numbers!