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Monday, August 25, 2008

Europe in 6 days

The past few weeks have been a complete whirl wind for me. After flying home from the tradeshow and being in NJ for a week i made a short trip out to Colorado to take care of a few things before leaving for Europe and get some amazing outdoor bouldering in. In the 6 days i was in Colorado i climbed 1 inside and 4 outside. In those four days i hiked a total of 34 miles and wow my legs are so tired! I did get to check out some amazing bouldering in the park and can't wait until next summer until i can yet again explore the high altitude bouldering areas of RMNP. Other than hiking a bunch i helped my girlfriend move into her dorm for her first semester at CU, hung out with a bunch of good friends, got an international driving license, and made sure i was fully ready for my trip to Europe.

Now i am back in the heat of NJ visiting my family for a few days before i depart on my 3.5 month adventure to the land of southern Switzerland! As of right now i am a bit nervous but extremely psyched! Pretty much i have no idea how to get around or where exactly i will be going... all i know is that i will be living in Claro with my good friend Garrett Koeppicus and going to be exploring all over the place. if anyone wants to give me a tour of magic wood, etc. in the beginning of my trip that would be phenomenal! Other than that I am just psyched to be about to start the adventure of a lifetime and can't wait to see the amazing bouldering that Switzerland has in store for me for the next couple of months!

I will update with some photos from my latest trip to Colorado once i upload them on my comp so stay tuned!


climbingnarc said...

Indeed. I think I hiked about 25 miles the 4 days I was in CO!

Justin said...

There is a free guide to Magic Wood on right now

Erik said...

Hi Paul,

If you go to Magic Wood, find someone who's been there several times. I heard from people that getting lost in the forrest is no problem :D.

From 1 sept till 6 sept I will be there. So if you want to hook up, you're welcome.



Justin said...

go to the global page and scroll down below the news of Martina Cufar climbing "Tom and Jerry" and click on the link.

Garrett Koeppicus said...

Oh man, we are in for some serious adventure my friend! I share with thee the nervousness and excitement.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, the guidebock is not on, it is on

Give some credit to the authors!


jamie said...

Get some fresh bread for me from the Agip in Bellinzona, also def. visit the castles there, great rest day, and also, the euros will shamelessly cut in line and they will stare at you with no regard. bonjourno means hello. be nice to the stillhardts, they are very nice people expecially mr. stillhardt, that guy is great! have fun, im so jealous and dont forget to pet the goats at Chironico. pizza place in brione, so good. and drive like a maniac becuause you wish you were james bond!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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