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Monday, June 1, 2009


I am back in Boulder after a long flight home... Philadelphia's airport has a tendency to get you into the plane and have you sit in a line of about 20 planes before taking off. Anyway, the comp went well on Saturday night and fortunately i came out on top! The field was extremely strong and walking into iso i knew that it could have been anyone to take down the Gravity Brawl this year. I felt as if i climbed smart in finals and kept my head together.

This week is the final push before the World Cup this upcoming weekend! I am glad to have won the comp this last weekend giving me a lot of confidence for the main event this weekend. I am going to go climbing at Evans tomorrow in hopes to get the lungs ready for the high elevation that Vail will offer this weekend. Besides that it is back to summer school for me Modern Art 2 begins today.

I have been painting a ton and am about to finish off a new piece soon. I will post it up as soon as i complete it. Also the beginings of a new website are in effect, coming soon, hopefully!!!


tim said...

I'm really glad to hear youre back on your feet and crushing it.good luck at vail. we still have a couple projs here in g.b. for you when you have time. all the best tim

Anonymous said...

Excellent work Paul! Love to see locals pulling down hard. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

great job! going to school full time snd being a spondored climber, has got to be very hard. In any case, your are a great source of motivation.

John F said...

Hey Paul,
I was in the Teva Photo comp just so I could check out you guys. You all were amazing and you were awesome to watch. Could you tell me how the scoring worked? I would think you got more points for flashing a problem? One of the judges mentioned something about the red box hold and the final hold being the only two areas for points.
Take Care!

masa said...

how great job!

I am a climber Japan.
You are also very popular in Japan.
We expect the great results in the future.