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Monday, June 22, 2009

the big worm and area b

Lately I have been heading up to Evans in an attempt to finish up the last couple of lines in area A and also find some new lines in Area B.

I made a quick repeat of Dave's "Big Worm" last week. The line is all encompassing and about 20 or so moves out a huge roof. The line climbs quite well and I was very pleased to start off the alpine season with a fast send of this line.

Last week I explored area B a bit and with the help of a picture from Carlo, found a great project right in the beginning of B. Though a jug broke off in the middle making the line quite a bit harder, i still believe that the line will in fact go and may be one of the harder lines in all of Evans. Hopefully within the next few weeks i will have a better understanding of how hard this line may actually be.

Here are some pics taken by Alex Kahn.

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