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Friday, March 20, 2009

St. George

I have made it and i am officially a rope climber for the next couple of days. I have to say my first day at the Gorilla Cliffs was a lot of fun. I warmed up on a nice 11b "adventure" climb i would like to call it. Then it was a few climbs to the right for my initial attempts at "Psychedelic." My first time up the climb i hardly climbed on the route but rather just went from draw to draw putting up those snatchlinks and chalking up the holds. It seems as if some time has passed since anyone has climbed on this amazing route.

After my initial scoping of the route I did the upper sequence on my first go and decided it was time to try the crux sequence. For my first day and it being quite warm i feel as if it went quite well! I figured out the moves and am very psyched to get back on it again! The crux boulder problem is hard! it is just past vertical and very technical on the feet. The holds are small and each one you have to hit exactly right. After the crux boulder problem it is maybe 13a to the top where you end up finishing about 60 feet off the ground. I just wish the weather would get a bit colder because the holds hurt when your skin is soft!

More to come!

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