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Saturday, March 28, 2009

breakin the law - check

yesterday was my last full day of climbing for my 09 spring break trip. I decided to check out this nice 14b at the black and tan wall called "Breakin the Law." put up by Dave Graham a while back. The line is about 70 feet tall but the crux is down low followed by a very involved slab at the top. I had a great flash go falling off of the last hard move before the final slab section and managed to do the line a few tries later! it was a very fun route besides the slippery feet through the crux bit!

Today it is off to the Gorilla cliffs again for a first attempt at "The Present" before heading to Vegas tonight and flying back to the snow covered Boulder, Colorado tomorrow morning. Sorry for the lack of climbing photos. Hopefully some will pop up int he next week or so and i will be able to post some up! Let's hope that the weather in Boulder gets good again soon!!


Anonymous said...

solid paul! it's great to hear you climbing since your accident, your an inspiration buddy.

Peter Beal said...

Paul, Did you ever get on the Present?

Paul said...

no i did not peter. looked nice though. spent the last day shooting video on psychedelic with carlo.