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Friday, December 19, 2008

happy holidays

I have been walking now for a few mere weeks and my ankle seems to be responding super well. It has now been 2 months and 1 week since the injury occurred and it seems as if it shouldn’t be more than one more month before I will be able to wear both my climbing shoes again, on a rope of course.

I am unsure at the moment when I will be getting back to bouldering again but am hoping that with the physical therapy I am going to start in Boulder the healing should go by a lot faster. My psyche is very high and besides my endurance, I feel quite strong. I am really hoping that my return will yield some of the best climbing I have ever done.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season and an awesome 2009! Keep a look out for the final tick list for 2009 in the next week or so.


Abbie said...

keep those spirits up and you'll be good to go in no time! hope you're back soon so you can come out to Bishop this winter :)

Mark said...

Glad to hear everything is going so well and that you are so optimistic. I have a friend who tore her ACL and yet she is just happy, she thinks she going to be that much better after what she realized, was a much needed break. Take it easy, and I know you'll be at your best again in no time. Hope to see you at Teva this summer!

Anonymous said...

It seems you've been pretty much training all the time you've been injured. Don't be afraid of having a small break from training, one months REAL break before starting with the rope climbing could do wonders. Now it's the optimal time to let yout body really recover.

Happy holidays and keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

Could you please contact

Ronnie said...

Hey Paul, i just wanted to see how the one legged climbing was going. I'm missing my left leg above the knee. I have been bouldering for about two years now. Its been a challenge because some routes are really body type specific e.g left foot move. traverses kind of suck too. I don't let any of that stop me though i usually end up using some crazy alternate beta or just getting stronger to just campus the move. I do have a climbing prosthetic but that only helps so much sometimes. Ive managed to climb V7 at my peak so i've been happy with that. How has your one legged experience been?

NM said...

For your consideration. Leavenworth, WA- The Ladder Project (v14ish? NOT sure). Check it out.


Paul said...

Ronnie, my one legged experience has been extremely humbling. It has now been over two months of climbing with one foot and i find myself just starting to learn the balance of one footed climbing as well as its disadvantages as you said with traversing and very left foot oriented routes. But trying to find a new way to do a route has been very exciting and has really taught me a great deal! Best of luck in your climbing!

NM, do you have any pictures of this project? my email is

Abbie, I hope yo see you and Eric in Bishop this upcoming Spring!

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