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Monday, June 9, 2008

the time has come

So i completed the World Cup and had a great time in my first ever world cup competition! I ended up placing third and was extremely happy about that! I know what to train for next time and how to do things a little differently to hopefully do even better the next time i compete.

Other than that in less than 12 hours i will be on my way to africa for almost two months! keep a look out on my site as well as the Five Ten website for write ups on how my trip is going etc!!!

Back to packing! Have a great summer everyone!!!


Elias said...

wassup dude....congratulations on that third place man!!! posts on different sites say problems were pretty fuckin' hard, most of 'em didn't even complete!! damn!!! and now southafrica???? jeez...lucky bastard!!! hahaha regards from mexico

Eric said...

Great job at the cup. drop a line to let me know how S. Africa is and Europe as well! Have fun and crush!