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Friday, June 6, 2008

day one - Team USA represent!

Day one of the world cup has finally concluded. After having to sit in isolation for just about 6 hours i am now done my first ever qaulifying round of a world cup competition! I ended the day in 1st place. The problems were extremely hard and i only managed to get two top total! More info to come, hopefully good news!!

To keep my mind off of being nervoud i have been playing this game a bunch! A true classic. my high score is level 112!!! Post up a comment if you beat my score!

Congrats to everyone from USA that made it to the semis: Chris Sharma, Daniel Woods, Mark Hobson, Carlo Traversi, Kyle Owen, Alex Johnson, Tiffany Hensley Alex Puccio, Charlotte Jouett, Lisa Rands, and Lizzy Asher!!!!

Tomor should be exciting!

EDIT: Level 119! JYYEEAAAHHH hahaha. i think i may go professional in city jumper soon.


Anonymous said...

haha, level 30! watcha got?!
Congrats on the cup. Good luck tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I beat your score you cocksucker
lama out-

Anonymous said...

116, man that game is a pain in the ass.


Anonymous said...

I see how it is... well I'll be damned if I'm going to get beat at City Jumper. Level 192 sucker!