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Sunday, May 11, 2008


Black wallstreet for life!

Yesterday i flew back to NJ to visit my family for a week before heading back to CO to continue my training for the world cup and South Africa. But before i went home i had some business to take care of up at the park! After 3 days of work and one extremely hard move later, i sent the FA of Mendax, 8B. This problem is on the Veritas Boulder in RMNP and starts on the same starting holds as low left veritas but rather than climbing right, it climbs directly left and up to a heinous right hand pich to a big move to a not so good sloper at the lip. I sent the line just before i had to leave the other day and am psyched to have finished it up! Keep a look out for video from the one and only Sneeldoggggg aka Scott Neel

Now all i've got to do is wait for a day that is not hot in boulder to go back and attempt Suspension of Disbelief. I truly think this boulder hates me! Every time i go back there, there is just something wrong (its snowing, its hailing, its raining, its deathly hot, theres no wind, the ticks are taking over, etc.) But none the less i have decided this isn't going to stop me from trying to send in the next few weeks i have left in CO!!!

(A visual representation of the death that has become Eldo on previous attempts to send!)

Last but not least i got my tickets to europe for the fall the other day!!! I fly into Zurich on September 1st and depart on December 12th!!! sooooooo psyched!!!

More news to come soon!

1 comment:

sock hands said...

word to the unsmiley face of doom and bolts of despair!!!

glad you finished off your pinch shenanagans before departure.

you should come up to the poudre this weekend, and perhaps the feather for sunday??

foreign affairs? you haven't done that one yet, i think. what about divergence sds, cloudwalker low, etc etc? SATURDAY!