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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

hueco trip

photo dylan spurgin

photo andy mann

photo scott

So as my trip to hueco is coming to an end, 2 more climbing days left :(, i am even more excited about my future extended climbing trips. My trip to hueco has been extremely successful, i have now climbed pretty much everything i wanted to this trip and wont be leaving with any regrets of not trying or doing any specific boulders. The wather was pretty much perfect my entire trip and i had a ton of fun climbing and hanging out with a lot of my reallly good freinds.

I am heading back to Boulder on saturday and am hoping for no snow storms along the way. I have one more semester left of school before my 7 month road trip begins. I hope that these next few months in boulder consist of very little snow and lots of perfect climbing days with sunshine. Suspension, here i come! haha i know i have said this many times before, but hopefully i can obtain the ascent soon! i have never worked a boulder this long in my life, but i am not getting worn out on it at all. every time i go is a new experience and one i am always looking forward to.


climbingnarc said...

very nice work paul, glad to see you are crushing

chuffer said...

yes yes ... and enjoy the process with Suspension, a problem that is testing you for all you are worth. you will be the better for it.

tim said...

well Paul you sure are getting stuff done. I hope sometime when you are back east you can work the projects on the dark side. some of us have had a little progress on the huge arete. It will go. It will be hard.
be well Paul