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Friday, September 28, 2007

dali wall (check)

Yesterday was beautiful so I was psyched on some outdoor climbing. I headed to Mt. Evans to meet up with Herm and Jody. I got there around 3 pm and the temps were better than expected! Herm was working on Greener grasses so i decided my goal for the day would be to complete then entire Dali wall in one day. By 6 pm I had completed the entire wall! Today I'm super tired from yest and a little nervous for my slideshow tomorrow night at the Horse Tooth Hang. Below is the list in order of my ascents yesterday:

Warm up Crack Thing, 1st go
No More Greener Grasses, 1st go
Clear Blue Skies, 1st Go
Mental Masturbation, 2nd go
Ode to the Modern Man, 4th go
Super Gui, 1st go
Dali, 1st go
Pat's Arete Low aka SIT START, 2nd go

I got some video of my most recent ascent of Ode to the Modern Man which I will be premiering at my slide show tomorrow night at the Hang!


Climbing Narcissist said...

must feel pretty good to have the entire dali boulder on lockdown

Dropknee said...

that is 79 points Paul. S-E-V-E-N-T-Y N-I-N-E!

charles said...

whats about the tall orange face around the corner from greener grass - surely it's a first go too, wouldn't want to fall on that one.

Anonymous said...

you forgot pats arete sit start buddy..

Peter Beal said...

Was that the low start on the Dali? Fess up

sock hands said...

slide show was wicked. thanks for putting it on!

what you didn't know is that i had declared that the first person to do the dali boulder in a day would win one of my dogs. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

choose one of the four and it will be packaged and ready for you to pick up anytime after 7pm on weekdays or before 7am on weekends.


sock hands said...

nice work on the tripple crown... dws in spain and participating in the full tripple crown are my life-long climbing related dreams.

sock hands said...

[in the sense that it would be way fun to travel from area to area trying to finish everything possible w/ your usual friends and a posse of new ones]

Patrick Cassiday said...

shit son, write something new!