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Friday, July 17, 2009


today we are leaving Humboldt county on our way to Portland to stay at my aunts house before departing for SLC. The weather has been amazing and we have one final day of climbing here before we make the trek up to Portland. It will be one day in Portland before we leave for the Outdoor Retail Show in Salt Lake. It will be nice to fly there since we have been driving quite a bit the last couple of weeks.

I plan on competing in the comp and hope that my lack of indoor climbing won't shut me down to badly. after the comp it is on our way again to Squamish, the main destination of our trip!


Michael said...

Good luck in SaltLakeCity Paul!

poindexter said...

Yeah dood TAKE IT DOWN!

You try those "projects" I showed you pics of? You scale to the top of that wall in the picture of that last post?

Dave said...

Paul, how long are you in Squamish for? I'll be there too and it'd be nice to work some of your warmups :)

Paul said...

dave, i am in squamish until the seventh of august!