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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Summer has officially begun. My finals went well and i am now taking a few credits this summer in an attempt to reach my final goal of graduation. The weather down in Boulder is heating up a lot and it seems like in no time the bouldering up in the park and Evans will be in its prime! i have a bunch of lines that i am super psyched on and am hoping to find some amazing FA's!

This upcoming weekend i am headed to Joe's Valley for a long weekend of bouldering with Alex. It looks like their are a lot of amazing boulders that have been put up recently and I am psyched to get on! The new line masterpiece put up by Litz a few months ago looks to be amazing and i think i am going to be putting that line at the top of my list!

Besides that i have been working very hard on getting ready for the world cup in a couple of weeks! It is coming up super soon and i am getting very excited! it looks like there will be a lot of strong competitors there! i will get some pictures this weekend in Joe's and post when i return!

1 comment:

Cole said...

Hey thats sick your headin to joes. I wish I was goin this weekend but my school doesnt get out till june so thats when I'm headed out there. Can you post some climbs you really liked to give some ideas and motivation. by the way your wrinkle in time problem was really sick, that boulder is beautiful.