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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back In Boulder

The past few weeks have been quite the whirl wind for me. The end of the semester has come around and school has become super hectic! I am trying to get my all of my art projects done as well as prepare for my final exams and write papers.

I got back from a short trip to Kauai with my family last week which was to say the least, amazing! I totally would be living there right now if i did not have climbing in my life. the lifestyle is amazing and i cant wait to go back, hopefully someday soon!

Now that i am back in Boulder, my training for the world cup has truly begun! I am building a really strong endurance base this year by doing lots of routes at the BRC a couple of days a week with my girlfriend. The other days i have been spending climbing at CATS training really hard boulder problems. As the weeks go by i think i am going to start spending more time at CATS not only training hard boulders but also doing intense 40 move power endurance problems.

I feel that last year, my endurance could have been a bit better before the comp so this year i am making sure to be a bit more prepared. I didnt rope climb at all before the comp and i hope to see positive results from getting on a rope 6-8 weeks prior to the competition.

Other than that, i made a quick evening session up to the flatirons with Robyn Erbesfield's son Shawn. He just turned 11 the other day and totally crushed "The Turning Point" on his 3rd day of effort! Very impressive to say the least. I climbed this really nice 8a that i did not know the name of. It felt nice to be outside again. The weather here in Boulder has heated up a great deal and i am hoping the sun stays but the temps will get a bit cooler in the upcoming weeks. There are a few things around here i would like to get on before the summer heat rolls in and it is up to the park and evans to hide from the heat back down in boulder.

Also, a nice video of my ascent of "Psychedelic" on the main page of Dead Point Magazine if anyone is interested!

yes it is hung crooked i know (i didnt have a ruler at the time).


Alton G. Richardson said...

intense 40 move power endurance problems sound, well pretty intense. Hope your training goes as planned so you can CRUSH this year!

Anonymous said...

I feel honored to have that painting in my home. DHR

sock hands said...

bounce me a description and a name you shall have for the flatirons rig.

also, hiking pads to my projects and spotting me is really really good training for the world cup.

live this plan.

Patrick Cassiday said...

where's my art bitch?

love patrick

Anonymous said...

which shoes did u use for Psychedelic? o_O
i have never seen this model before.

james said...

that painting is so junior school

Anonymous said...

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